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Monday, August 25th 2014, 10:52am

[Patch Notes] August 25th 2014

Greetings everyone,

the servers will be back online soon. An overview for todays changes can be found below.

new Sales:
  • Lv4 Survival Pack 20s Shilling
  • Lv5 Survival Pack 40s Shilling
  • Lv6 Survival Pack 80s Shilling
  • Lv4 Advanced Material Voucher 1s40c Shilling
  • Lv5 Advanced Material Voucher 7s Shilling
  • Lv6 Advanced Material Voucher 35s Shilling
  • Lv50 Mount Gem Voucher 2s80c Shilling
  • Lv100 Mount Gem Voucher 3s50c Shilling
  • Lv150 Mount Gem Voucher 4s20c Shilling
  • Lv180 Mount Gem Voucher 4s90c Shilling
  • Mount Heartx100 25s Shilling
  • Mount Heartx25 8s Shilling
  • Mount Heartx1 40c Shilling

removed Sales:
  • 8 Flames Lv205 Weapon Gift Box 1g 75s Shilling
  • Specific 8 Flames Lv205 Orange Equipment Gift Box1g Shilling
  • Refined Steel25c Shilling
  • Priceless Hammer25c Shilling
  • Equipment Value Designator10s Shilling
  • Prefix Attribute Designator10s Shilling
  • Resonance Ability Designator10s Shilling
  • HP Dye10s Shilling
  • Advanced Resonance Ability Modifier5s Shilling
  • Advanced Resonance Attribute Modifier5s Shilling
  • Advanced Equipment Value Modifier5s Shilling
  • Fairy Jade5s Shilling
  • Gear Up! - Box5s Shilling

We wish you all a great week!

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