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Terms of use

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  1. Forum Rules

    The following forum guidelines are based on the gamigo AG terms of use and are basic rules for behavior that every user of the King of Kings 3 forums (the "forums") must abide by. Failure to abide by these rules can result in the player being blocked or banned from the forum and/or game account. Moderation of the forums is at the discretion of gamigo AG ("gamigo"). The gamigo team therefore aims to keep the community up to date on the latest developments and to moderate the forums in a fair and unbiased manner. These guidelines may be subject to change.
    1. Section - General

      1. The general laws and regulations are to be followed in this forum. It is important to point out that the abuse of applicable law, even on the internet, can lead to prosecution and reporting to the police.
      2. The distribution of pornographic, extreme right-wing, or offensive material in or via the forum is strictly forbidden. In particular, the distribution of content which incites hate against a part of society (hate crime) or is propaganda for an anti-constitutional organization is not allowed in this forum. The relevant forum account will be blocked with warning.
      3. Discussions concerning politics, ideology, or other such controversial topics are to be carried out with caution and with tact. If such a topic should get out of control, then an employee shall end the discussion.
      4. Personal attacks that involve a person's nationality, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other such distinction will be tolerated.
      5. It is forbidden in this forum to link or ask for CD Keys, Cracks, Hacks, Warez, No-CD-Patches, Loaders, or the like. Furthermore, it is forbidden to discuss and/or ask about games/programs that are banned in the EU/USA. Respective postings or threads will be removed from the forum without warning. Further sanctions are not out of the question.
      6. It is forbidden to publish data such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. in posts. This applies to your own data as well as data of third parties. The publishing of e-mails, in-game messages, IRC/ICQ queries, PMs, or conversations not from public channels is only allowed when all involved parties have given their permission. Respective postings will be edited accordingly.
    2. Section - Forum behavior

      1. Use the search function before creating a topic. Frequently the topic has already been addressed or even completely discussed. If a thread already exists that contains the same topic, then the new thread will be closed or be added to the existing thread.
      2. The forum is divided into various sub forums to maintain clarity. Therefore, please give some thought to which sub forum is appropriate before creating the thread.
      3. Before you create a new topic you should think of a sensible title which covers the content of the posting. Consequently, it will be clear from the beginning what the thread is about. Titles like "Important" or "HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPP" are unwanted.
      4. The individual posts are to be written in such a way as to reflect normal, written English. This means that excessive usage of smileys, question marks (?????????), and/or exclamation marks (!!!!!!!!!!) is forbidden. Please do not write everything in capital letters and make sure that the choice of color is easy to read.
      5. Postings or begging topics like "Can someone level me", "Looking for a group for...", or similar statements are to be omitted. If you are looking for a group, then please use the in-game opportunities that are available to you. Gold begging threads and posts, in particular, are not allowed. Topics and posts of this sort will be deleted without warning.
    3. Section - Conversatino tone

      1. It is very important in this forum, as in the game, that you communicate with each other in a respectful and appropriate manner. In particular, the usage of vulgar, abusive, or hateful language is not allowed. Whoever grossly violates this manner must be prepared for sanctions.
      2. Everyone has the right to express and represent their opinion, as long as this remains objective. Non-objective criticism, agitation, or anger against gamigo, the developer, or gamigo employees will be strictly punished.
      3. Should you have disputes among yourselves, please try and solve these via PM. A proper manner is expected here, too. Insulting other users via PM will be sanctioned.
      4. The denouncing of other players or guilds is strictly forbidden. Should you have a problem with someone, then please contact a moderator or Gamemaster.
    4. Section - Spam

      1. The posting of spam posts is forbidden. Spam consists of useless threads, posts with the same content in various areas (crossposting), topics that don't say anything, posts that artificially keep threads alive, and the such.
      2. Should a thread be about a spam thread, then every post there will be seen as spam.
      3. Double postings are forbidden. Please use the Change function, should you think of anything extra to add to your post. Frequently occurring double posts will be seen a spam.
      4. So-called "pushing" is only allowed in guilds and will be treated as spam in other sub forums. Please note that a maximum of one push per day is allowed, irrelevant of which user pushes the thread. The creation of a thread counts as a push for the respective day.
    5. Section - Third-party advertising

      1. It is forbidden to post advertisements for commercial homepages or shops that are not to do with KoK3/gamigo. This includes links, citations (including pictures), or the linking of a signature. Links to private homepages can, as long as they contain no advertisements for products outside of gamigo's portfolio (see 22) and their content is not illegal, harmful, insulting, vulgar, racist, ethnically or in any other manner harmful, be incorporated in the signature. At this stage we would like to request that no pictures are used in the forum that could cause copyright infringement or breach a trade mark.
      2. This is the official forum of the English-language King of Kings 3 Community, which is made available by gamigo AG. Accordingly, it applies that all comparisons to other games or publishers, or the naming of other games or publishers (including periphrases), are forbidden - corresponding threads or posts will be deleted without comment and will be strictly punished. Even references to other games or publishers, for example through screens or pictures of game characters, is punishable. This applies primarily to online games, but in some instances this can also apply to offline and console games.
    6. Section - Moderation

      1. The moderators enjoy the utmost trust and should not be seen as the forum police, rather as go-to guys for user questions as well as competent conversational partners.
      2. The moderators as well as the GMs have the right to punish infringements of the rules. This can be in the form of the editing of a post and the closing of a topic, to the deletion of a topic or post. They can also sanction users with warnings and expulsion from the forum.
      3. The instructions of employees are to be followed. Noncompliance to the measures of an employee, e.g. the reopening of a closed thread or the neglecting of a warning over spamming, will be strictly punished.
      4. Complaining or discussing about sanctions is forbidden in the forum. The punished person can, if they deem they were wrongly punished, write to the moderator team via PM or mail, or concerning in-game sanctions they can write to our e-mail address. It is at the concerned user's discretion to turn to the higher authority at the time.
      5. If someone tries to influence the reaction or the decision of the team by writing to more than one team member concerning the same subject matter via PM within 2 days, then they will be sanctioned.
    7. Section - Multiaccounts

      1. Only 1 forum account is allowed per player/user. If a number of users use the same IP for separate forum accesses, then this must be reported. (Reports of in-game accesses do not apply for the forum accesses, but a separate report to the Mod-mail is required). Household account messages, whereby at the time of messaging one of the registered accounts is temporarily or permanently blocked from the forum, will not be acknowledged and treated as a multiaccount.
      2. A new forum account can be created after 3 months after a permanent ban, otherwise this counts as a multiaccount.
    8. Section - Name rules

      1. Name rules apply here. Please keep in mind when choosing your forum name that it isn't in bad taste, lewd, racist, or in any other way offensive. Furthermore, we ask of you not to pick any name that is copyrighted (this includes, amongst others, brand names, band names, film characters, etc.). Please refer to the general name rules for specific details.
    9. Section - Sanctions for breaching the rules

      1. The punishments will be determined by the severity of the offense. Potential blockings of forum accounts could also result in the blocking of in-game accounts.
      2. Trying to get around a punishment by creating another account will result in the blocking of all accounts. This will also count as multiaccounting (see 26).