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Gear up for your adventures!

Resonating gear is available via the premium shop now. We are offering different packages which can be used to receive resonating gear:

Advanced Resonating Shoulder Guard Gift Box
Advanced Resonating Armband Gift Box
Advanced Knee Guards Gift Box
Advanced Resonating Accessory Gift Box
Advanced Resonating Armour Gift Box

Moreover there are Combo Weapon Outfit Gift Box and Combo Attack Outfit Gift Box available. Both combine contents of several packages mentioned before with a discount.



King of Kings 3 -- The ultimate PvP and clanwar MMORPG

King of Kings 3 is the ultimate online role-playing game for fans of PvP combat and clan warfare!
After countless years of war, the world of Tangramia was left in utter chaos and almost entirely destroyed. It's up to you to build up a new civilisation, form new alliances, and claim lordship over enemy kingdoms.


  • Exceptional clanwar MMORPG without monthly costs
  • A breath-taking fantasy world
  • 3 basic classes and 27 advanced classes
  • More than 450 predefined skills and the possibility to create more customized skills
  • Level up from a collective of guilds to legions and entire kingdoms
  • Countless community activities, minigames and events
  • Epic RvR battles and intense PvP fights against other players and player-controlled war machines
  • Innovative housing and city-building system
  • Complexe system for crafting and trading
  • Dozens of mounts which grant additional buffs and can be leveled up
  • The opportunity to found your own kingdom and become the King of Kings
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